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FREE IT Trainings

FREE JAVA Seminars

1,200 watts inverters for just =N=15,000

Get Fast and Reliable internet access for as low as =N=5,000

Earn BIG profit as our sub-dealer on bulk recharge cards! (available Nationwide)

2,400 lumens projectors as low as =N=100,000 (rental from =N=2,500)

Telephone boxes /PABX @ =N=500 and =N=15,000 respectively

Computer Tables from =N=2,500 only

FREE Downloads

Investment Portfolio Mgt. (MaxINVEST)

Multi-Level Record Management Software (MaxRECORD)

Membership Information System (MaxMEMBER)

e-Item Vending Software (MVEND)

Network e-Messaging and File Transfer with Voice and Video (MaxCHAT)


Do I need to pay anything for using the FREE software (freeware) in future?
NO! our FREE software are free-for-life. Even the upgrades are free.

What are the prices of the software?
Our software comes with best value for money. They are actually on a line-based pricing methodology. It simply means that a payroll system meant for 10, 20 employees will be extremely cheaper than those of line-50, line-100, line-250, line-500 up to unlimited. Our concept is to make software affordable for everybody and the starting price is just =N=10,000

What is the default USER-ID and PASSWORD for MaxSOFT software?
User-ID = ADMIN and Password = ADMIN (not case sensitive).

How can someone request and pay for the LICENCE-KEY to make the shareware software permanent?
Every MaxSOFT software is assigned a unique SOFTWARE-ID during installation, this ID along with the SERIAL NUMBER and the PAYMENT REFERENCE are required for licence-key generation. Click the link for licencing at the bottom of the software page. You can also link the licencing page here

What type of organization can benefit from the FREE+ solutions?
These are solutions designed strictly for government MDA (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) for Multi-Bank collection revenue management, headquarters and outstations expenditure and billing. Non-Profit organisations can also apply.

When are the FREE IT. trainings (Beginners Courses) held?
It holds on a weekly basis, it start on Mondays; however practical, e-examination, certificate issuance, etc may extend till Wednesday or Thursday.

When do you hold the FAST-TRACK one-on-one courses?
The courses are designed to take care of everybody including the working class people. We usually schedule classes for our registered student and agree on time with them - after all the course is supposed to be one-on-one, personalized and specialized.

When and where are the FREE JAVA seminars held?
FREE JAVA seminars holds in series - the entire seminar is in twelve (12) modules. The interval is bi-monthly and the location is our office complex.

How frequent is the Accounting Package Seminar held?
It holds monthly - Registration is strictly required.

How do one place order, make payment and receive the e-Recharge cards?
We usually send a mail to our registered sub-dealers containing all the information. However, the process are as follows:

  • Registered sub-dealers will fill-up the order form online along with their SOFTWARE-ID and USER-NAME
  • An ORDER-NO will be generated for them via the website
  • Payment is made at the bank with the ORDER-NO (e.g. 2332 - Mr. Buyer Smart)
  • Scanned copy of the pay-in-form are sent to info@maxtech.com.ng (this is optional because our bankers will notify us)
  • We shall then encrypt the e-product with SOFTWARE-ID and USER-NAME in a way that only that user with that particular MVEND software can access the e-product. The e-product is then sent to the email box as specified on the order form or outputed to storage media like CD for those that intend to pick up the physical CD.

How can those without internet access function as sub-dealer on bulk e-Recharge cards business?
It is very simple - you can use cyber-cafes. The e-product is seriously protected with several levels of encryptions. Only you and your version of MVEND will be able to open it - So even if the e-product file gets to any wrong hand, it is practically and completely useless!

Is the =N=5,000 initial capital requirement for e-Recharge card sub-dealership meant for registration or e-Products itself?
Maxtech do not charge anything for registration, every payment made is simply for e-product that you will resell. The minimum =N=5,000 is just to set some standards.

What does the =N=10,000 web package entails on the Domain Name Registration and Hosting Plan?

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting (50MB, ODBC, etc), and
  • Website development (5 basic pages)

What is the process of registering as a sub-dealer on the internet services?
Just fill the form online and we'll get back to you.