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Today's business is being empower by ICT infrastructures. The new trend of business is to reduce cost and power consumption by shearing resources such as printer, internet, scanner, CD-R, tape drives, etc.

Having online /real-time operation between your branches and /or installing IP phone for unlimited telephone calls at zero amount have become next to necessity.

Break-up geographical limitations, move towards paper-less office and reduce your running /maintenance cost by networking your systems.

You can decide to limit your acquisition of peripherals such as printers, scanners, CD/RW, tape drive, internet connection etc to just one by placing them on the network for others to use them as if they are attached directly to every computer systems. You'll be saving huge cost on acquisition, power and maintenance. That's what smart entrepreneurs does!

Networking will also bring about security - protect your office documents. Share your internet access, make free telephone calls and put class into your business operations. Hold e-meetings via video conferencing, etc.

We provide both wired & wireless networking services. We can configure your network to share your internet access between offices that are geographically separated with the use of high-power radios equipment or via our secured VPN.

Whenever and wherever you require networking, either at home or office; we have answers. Right ones!

Quality, Neatness, cheapness, durability and efficiencies are our watchwords!

NB: You can download FREE MaxCHAT software for network platform communication (i.e. instant messaging over LAN - similar to Yahoo Messenger and Skype)