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Software - ACCOUNTS - Overview
Software: MaxACCOUNT (Complete Accounting Package)
Version: 7.0 - SHAREWARE
User's Manual: click here
Download: click here

Today’s business comes in different shapes and sizes. It is a highly competitive business terrene where Information Technology (I.T.) is being applied in attaining the leading edge among competitors.

Gone are the days of manual information processing that are paraded with manifold of complications, inefficiencies, inaccuracies and avoidable delays. Today’s business is a commercial war that requires effective and efficient software for perfect and pleasant operations.

Having manual business operation and accounting management system is not fit for this 21st century.  Let our software inject the required performance in to your business and start smiling to the bank.

MaxACCOUNT software will revolutionise your business in the most sophisticated and pleasant manner. Its once and for all implementation will definitely enable you to give maximum satisfaction to your customers while perfectly managing your finance coupled with impressive speed, accuracy, flexibilities, and a whole lots of reports to facilitate better decision and profit making. Now you can control your expenses, enhance bill collection, maintain budget and have accurate computation of your profit rather than guessing.

It is a systematic blend of power with performance in a robust manner without trading-in speed, accuracy and flexibilities. Ponder on the benefit of:

   Efficiently managing your finance
   Offering quality services to your customers
   Strategically choosing your vendors
   Perfectly controlling your stock
   Effectively monitoring your jobs
   Accurately processing your payroll
   Correctly depreciating your asset
   Timely reconciliation of your accounts

MaxACCOUNT is a complete accounting package with the following modules:

   General Ledger
   Asset Register
   Job Manager

It also has facilities for multi-companies and multi-user implementations with hundreds of business and decision-support reports. The dynamic report-writer, will enable you to produce any report, anytime, anyhow on anything. The software comes with ease-to-use interfaces, cheque printing facility and many other features that will increase your sales and profit in a geometric manner. It is simply not business as usual. It is indeed a full control at your fingertip.

Ease-To-Use Interface

The interfaces are extremely simple. Working with MaxACCOUNT is similar to using the normal paper document; just type in few things at some location and its ready.


MaxACCOUNT features are easy to learn. Within minutes you’ll have mastered the basic functionalities required in effectively managing your business operations.

Perfect Calculation

MaxACCOUNT will free you from the stress of in-balances and missing values. There is nothing called the “Error of Omission” or “Error of Commission

Fascinating Record Management

MaxACCOUNT will handle all the burdens of managing your customer, vendor, employee, job, asset and stock information. It contains highly efficient record management facility that will enable you to obtain whatever you desire at a touch of a button.

Chart Of Accounts

MaxACCOUNT contains built in chart of accounts. You can start using your software immediately after the installation. There are many specifications that have been pre-defined with flexible method of modifications when handling special business operations.

Opening /Beginning Balances

MaxACCOUNT allows you to indicate existing balances in other to maintain accurate transaction balances. Opening /Beginning Balances refers to DR or CR amount for customers, vendors, employee and general ledger accounts that are either in form of prepayments or accruals (i.e. arrears).

Customiseable Operations

You can define parameters within MaxACCOUNT to meet your organisation’s need. It can be extensively parameterized to work with differs conditions.

Point-Of-Sale (POS) Transactions

Nothing handles POS transactions like MaxACCOUNT. It has been tested and certified by all classes of people to be the best POS management software. It request for few keystrokes and print out your receipt via wide spectrum of printer specifications.

Order Processing

MaxACCOUNT handles your order processing right from quotations to sales order (i.e. profoma invoice) up to invoice, receipt and statement of account production. It also handles Purchases Order. Purchases and payments to their best.

Memorised Transactions

MaxACCOUNT allows you to define frequently used transaction for re-usability. These are called memorized transactions and are available for Quotations, invoices, purchases and general ledger transactions.

General Ledger Adjustment /Expenditure Information

MaxACCOUNT provides two means of directly updating the general ledger account. One of them is via the expenditure information that is very similar to a normal paper voucher document while the other one: General Journal Adjustment can be used in handling other transactions such as withdrawal, bank saving /withdrawal, asset accounting, payroll processing information, etc.

Account Reconcilliation

MaxACCOUNT gives you the power of knowing your bank, cash and other account balances at a press of a button. All you need to do is to specify the date and there you go. You can perform reconciliation and print bank-like statement on all types of accounts.

Efficient Payroll Processing

Relief yourself of all the stress associated with payroll production. Introduce standard and sophistication with pay-slip production and highly efficient payroll management facilities. Boost your employee’s morale with perfect payroll preparation tool and free yourself from the tax-people’s problem. You can specify Variations, Process the payroll and use RollBack when requiring Re-processing and finally Post such calculation to the General Ledger before embarking on Paying some or all of them in part or in full.

Inventory Processing at its Best

Exercise complete control on your stock information with MaxACCOUNT inventory module and manage them effectively via Stock Level Adjustment, Assembling /De-assembling, Product Replacement, Price Changing and Stock Movement facilities.

Asset Management with Perfection

You may not know if you are really making profit without adequate depreciation of asset. MaxACCOUNT unleash the power of calculating your depreciation to its best along with facilities for Capital Work-In Progress and several level of interactions with the General Ledger module.

Other Facilities

MaxACCOUNT contains an Unpost /RollBack command for reverting any posted transactions in other to effect correction and re-post or sometimes discarded them. There is a special Management Tools (3As) which are Analyzer, Adviser and Auditor; these tools are used in obtaining business advises and solutions to numerous circumstances. The Periodic Closure commands are meant to update the customer, vendor, employee and general ledger accounts at the end of such period in other to have periodic balances, performance evaluation and analysis in additional to financial reports.

Indispensable Tools

MaxACCOUNT contains numerous tools to give you smooth operations. The File Operations contains numerous commands that are used in ensuring that the working files are at their best while Advance Functions contains plenty of commands that can be used by the system administrator in performing special operations. Default Parameters are module based specification that controls the way your software functions and lastly the facility for Tax /Grade level update and working tools such as Calculator, Notes, Event Monitoring and Catalogue Production.

Detailed Help

MaxACCOUNT comes with full-function in-built help facility. You can learn to use the software within minutes after installation. A self-running demo has been bundled with it to give you features referencing view of its capability. However, a full book (i.e. user’s manual) has been published to give you all that you will be requiring in taking your business to the next level

Business and Decision Support Report

The amount of reports in MaxACCOUNT is extremely numerous to the extent that they cannot be listed in this information leaflet. However, a full book called ‘Report Bundles’ has been published to present you with all the types of information that you’ll be getting via the software. See Report Bundles booklet for more information.

Special Intellisence ™

The Intellisence ™ facility has been interwoven into all the modules to intelligently determine what you are intending to do and provide qualitative assistance in other for you to achieve such aim in a faster and better manner.

Extremely Secured

MaxACCOUNT contains several levels of securities. It is absolutely impossible for unauthorized person to access your valuable information. There are module level authority allocation that ensures that users can only access information meant for them and nothing more. In addition, activity log of events are always kept behind-the-screen to you give you the power of performing “audit trail on usage”

Efficient Data Management

MaxACCOUNT allows you to perform backup /restore in other to ensure that your valuation information are adequately protected. The import /export facility allows you to interface with other software for unending information processing activity. For instance you can export your financial information and use them to plot graph with your favorite spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3.

Assured Customer Support

At MAXTECH Business Systems, we just don’t dump our products at our client doorsteps. We go further to ensure that it works for you. However, you can be assured of our qualitative support services. We are sure that you’ll definitely introduce us to someone after completing your own computerization in a perfect manner.

Satisfaction Guarantee or Full Money Back

One thing is certain. It is either we satisfy your computerization need with no string attached or refund your money in FULL.

Multi-Companies Version

It is possible to manage the business and financial information of more than one company with MaxACCOUNT and either consolidate their performance or process them individually. It is possible to manage your company information, personal finances, organization accounts, etc with the same software without creating any form of confusion.

Network Messages and Chatting Facility

MaxACCOUNT allows you to send messages to other users over the network. You can also communicate in an interactive manner via the chatting facility that is similar to the one available on the internet.

Automatic Generations

MaxACCOUNT automatically generate a lot of information in a way that presents it as a simple, flexible and fun-filled business solution software.

At MAXTECH, we are committed to providing you solutions with MAXimum TECHnologies.

Please call and let’s know when you are ready for the NEW revolution!

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