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Software - MaxCASH - Overview
Software: MaxCASH (Multi-Books Income & Expenditure Mgt.
with Bank Reconciliation)
Version: 5.84 - SHAREWARE
User's Manual: click here
Download: Click here

Success in any area it systematically tied to the success in the area of financial management. Money is the driving force and its efficient management is not an option in anyway. The importance of tracking day-to-day income and expenditure can not be over-emphasized.

Having a clean-clear income statement and financial reports will help your decision making to an extremely high degree.

Are you sure that your business venture is making profit? NO! You can never be sure without the implementation of an accounting solution that will enable you to balance income with expenditure and depreciation plus withdrawal, creditors, debtors and hidden but recurring expenses. You'll be amazed by the discovery you'll encounter in this journey of accurate financial management.

Implementing controls for budgeting is practically impossible without an electronic eyes monitoring your spending on a particular account. The performance of relevant financial analysis and generating valuable reports are practically indispensable for success.

MaxCASH is simple and easy-to-use but power software for financial management and reconciliation. You’ll find your operations smarter, faster and more professional.

It’s user’s friendly and extremely flexible – Incomes and expenditures are entered as if you are filling-up the normal ‘paper’ receipt and payment vouchers; with few definitions such as year-end, budget amounts, and other few ones; you’ll be experiencing the best of financial management.

MaxCASH have definitions for almost all-known accounting transactions (i.e. chart of accounts). It means that you can start using your software immediately after installation - It is also possible to make additional definitions, customized the software's functionalities to meet your financial objectives.

A special multi-book approach is being adopted; you can use the same software to manage your personal, business and organization’s finances. There is no limit to the numbers of books that can be created and managed by MaxCASH.

The generated reports will definitely fascinate you. They are highly formatted, and present extensive information in the most pleasant manner. With 200+ types of reports - your decision making is about to take a new turn.

MaxCASH will put you in total control of your finances. You can switch on the “Micro-Adviser” features to present you with money-saving advises.

The issue of getting confuse on how you spent your money will be a forgotten issue. You can perform financial analysis on your incomes and expenses to determine better financial management strategies. Your bank reconciliation will be performed with just few strokes.

MaxCASH will definitely put smile on your face and interestingly, we are offering it at a giveaway price. Enjoy it!

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