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Software - MaxCOOP - Overview
Software: MaxCOOP (Co-operative & Thrift Mgt. System)
Version: 3.1 - SHAREWARE
Users Manual: click here
Download: click here

MaxCOOP is a complete co-operative & thrift management software. It includes facilities for every operational requirement.

Right from membership registration to loan application, loan approval, periodic contribution, repayment amount adjustment, partial /total cash withdrawals, special savings, special transactions to several reporting and highly informative statement of accounts.

You'll find MaxCOOP indispensable for the management of co-operative & thrift association.

Co-operative societies (credit & thrift) exist in almost all types of organizations ranging from profit /non-profit establishment, private company and even government establishments. Co-operative is usually for a particular group of people with common interest.

Co-operative societies have helped a large number of their members to achieve what would have been totally impossible due to many factors in addition to the benefit of helping the member to cultivate saving culture.  The fact that Co-operative societies have been helping many employers in taking care of loan provision can not be over-emphasized.

The administration of any co-operative society is vested on the executives. There are numerous activities that are normally involved in effectively. MaxCOOP was specifically designed to help in simplifying and efficiently managing such voluminous and confusing transactions.

MaxCOOP has been equipped with numerous facilities to make the operation as simple as possible. The following are some of the features that are embedded in this second to none in efficiency software: 


MaxCOOP allows you to register unlimited number of members with numerous pages of information n other to give you valuable details about each member at a glance. You can attach photograph, include notes and also define up to eight (8) custom fields that are peculiar to your own association. There is a history page that provides information on each member’s transactions in addition to the display of such member’s current balance. It is also possible to use another caption for fields such as “member ID”, “Branch” and “Department” based on the organisation’s specification. For instance, some co-operative might prefer to use “Staff Number”, “Card Number”, “Personal Number”, etc. All these and many more can easily be specified via the Configuration Settings option on the file menu.


When implementing MaxCOOP, you do not need to be entering all the past transactions in other to arrive at accurate current balances. A provision through which you will specify each member’s current balance as at the beginning has been included for your convenience. All you need to do is to specify the balances on savings, loans, interest and sometimes special savings and MaxCOOP will continue from such point and maintain your associations accurate balances at all time. This feature and many other simplify operation makes the implementation of MaxCOOP to be as simple as ABC.


Co-operative contribution is mostly on monthly basis. However MaxCOOP can allow you to specify weekly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual contribution mode depending on your requirement.


There are other numerous processing apart from the usual periodic contribution such as cash deposit for adding more money into ones account probably to finish up a particular loan in time or to meet up with a guarantor’s equity balance while standing for another member.

Other processing activities includes partial cash withdrawal, by members or total cash withdrawal for those willing to close their account probably because of transfer or movement to another state /location. Other transactions maintain information on extra deposit or withdrawal from ones account. However, policies implementations criteria are normally checked during withdrawal as defined in the configuration settings. For instance any member that is currently on loan can not withdraw any money; neither can such member close his /her account at that time. There is also an optional setting of surcharging members that are withdrawing in other to discourage frequent withdrawal based on the co-operative’s governing body’s specification.


Administering loan is one of the most complex aspects of many co-operative societies. MaxCOOP has been equipped with numerous features to make this task a stress-free one. From the stage of loan application to the aspect of approval, specification of guarantors, loan amount, repayment period, interest rate, etc. MaxCOOP usually carries out tens of validations in ensuring that loan are approved in their safest manner, some of the checks are:

  • That such member has the required deposit percentage (50%) in the account and the contribution was steady and normal

  • That such members is not currently on loan

  • That such member is not currently standing as guarantor for another member

  • That the guarantors have the required equity amount in the account (200%)

  • That the repayment period is not exceeding the maximum specification

  • That the monthly deduction is within limit due to verification on rank, post, etc

  • That the maximum number of loan with a year is not exceeded

  • That the maximum loan amount is not exceeded

  • And many more

However, Exceptional Approval can also be granted to members during special and undeniable conditions. MaxCOOP really allows you to process your information with maximum flexibilities.


The special savings aspect handles another class of savings that may be towards a particular target such as “Christmas /new-year saving”. Special savings can also be towards the acquisition of a valuable asset such as land, car, house, etc. Special savings are similar to members deposit their money in the bank which can be requested for without any notification. It is also possible for members to safely deposit money into the special savings till the time such money will be required for save keeping.


The earning of dividend is a common feature in most co-operative societies. The dividend is usually the excess of the income over their periodic expenditures. These major sources of incomes are the interest paid on loan along with profit realised from other trading activities. MaxCOOP gives you the opportunity to allocate share value in a way similar to that of stock exchange market and apply the calculated dividend to every members account depending on their account balances which can be seen as their investment ratio.


Nothing is rigid in MaxCOOP All the settings /options are users defined. Right from members’ type to loan type, loan repayment duration, and interest rate based on duration, maximum loan amount, branch, department, post, rank, reason, special-savings type, etc. You can simply define as many codes record an possible and use just a click on the mouse to specify them during transaction processing.


MaxCOOP offers the co-operative members the service that is similar to that of a bank in the area of statement of accounts production. It also goes further by being able to produce statement of accounts on two different types of accounts (i.e. normal /special savings). The statements are highly formatted with accurate specification of such members transaction during the period specified. Statements can be printed for any date range (days, weeks, months, years, etc). Just press the button and MaxCOOP will be echoing out the statement in a manner that will surely impress you.


MaxCOOP automatically re-calculates whenever any transaction is added and computation of accurate balances will be done immediately. With this, the need to be constantly using calculators will be eliminated completely.


MaxCOOP gives you the processing power that is close to that of banks which are somehow sophisticated. Everyone knows that whenever a bank issues you a cheque-leaf, you’ll not be required to pay separately for it but its value is being automatically debited into your account. In like manner, you can instruct MaxCOOP to be debiting each member for “registration form”, “partial withdrawal surcharge” and even “periodic statement printing”. Note that all the settings in MaxCOOP are basically user’s control for maximum flexibility of usage.


MaxCOOP has been loaded with a lot of tools to make its usage really enjoyable. You can simply use the calculator rather than searching for one in your table’s drawer. The note /message facility will definitely enables you to important information into the computer storage rather than tearing pieces of papers here and there. Another utility is the alert criteria settings that can be used in setting up an electronic eye into the transaction. For instance, you could instruct the software to notify you whenever a loan that is beyond =500,000 is being applied for by any member.

Other tools include file fixing for re-organizing files for efficient searching, undelete for bring back deleted record and home keeping that can be used for permanent removal of deleted information.


MaxCOOP comes with highly informative and extensive reports. With close to 100 types of valuable reports the executive will be having a completely stress-free and simplified administration of the members transactions. The reports are so numerous that we will not bore you with their descriptions. Our advice is that you see these reports by yourself either by requesting for “report bundle” or by viewing /printing them directly via the software. Please note that FREE DEMONSTRATION copies are on our web site (www.maxtech.com.ng) or better still request for FREE CD-ROM and diskettes from our office.


MaxCOOP protects your valuable information to its maximum level. Several levels of information back-up procedures has been included in the software. There is a “Rapid-Backup” that automatically produces a backup-copy of your information behind the screen at regular interval while you are working. Another one is named “Rapid-Save” that systematically make a save copy of the “Rapid-Backup” outputs each time the software is started. The third level is called “Quick-Backup” while the “Normal-Backup” is the last file protection level that must be explicitly performed by the user. Finally on backup /file protection, a program called “AutoFix” and “Recover” are strategically provided too for users-based rectification of unexpected file corruption.


MaxCOOP gives you the full control of specifying numerous settings that control the way the software works. We are not rigid with our solutions, neither do we tell our customers how to do their work; we always allow them to do their job as they like it – It is as simple as that!


The level of securities in this software will surely impress you. Firstly, it takes only an authorized user to gain access to the system. All authorized users must be granted permission before being allowed to access any module. For instance, it is possible to allow a particular user to access periodic contribution transaction without being able to work on loan approval in other to maintain controls to its highest level. The last level of security is the embedded electronic eye that is constantly watching everything that is being done on the software. It is called an “Activity Log” and such log can be queried by the system administrator in knowing who and when worked on a particular transaction. We call it “users audit trail”. To this end, we can conclude that MaxCOOP has the best level of software securities.


The intellisence feature embedded in our Applications works in a way that it will try as much as possible to simplify your job to the maximum level. Intellisence (tm) sees to the presentation of suggestion(s) on what you are likely intending to do such as “automatic numbering”, auto saving”, “numerous default parameters”, and many more

The Limiting Keystroke Technology (LKT) is a feature that prevents your from the boredom of two-much typing. Just one keystroke here and another click there and you are finished with most common transactions – YES! That EASY!


We just don’t dump our product at our customer’s doorstep, we go further to enable the product to work for them. Our achievement is when the software works for you. However we give 30 days un-interruptable support to all softwares while after sales support continues as long as the software is running on your computer – Of course, forever!

Some of the features are listed below:

  • Processing of members information in an efficient manner

  • Accurate management of contributors’ information

  • Printing of statement of accounts for any period specified

  • Facility for multi-branch processing /accounting features

  • Categorization of members (type, location, department, cadre, position, etc

  • Ability to specify opening balances

  • Control loan application processing and approvals

  • Facility for exceptional loan application and approvals

  • One-Click balance viewing facility

  • Definable Loan types, interest rate and repayment period

  • Flexible and automatic periodic contribution processing

  • Cash Deposit (Special Savings)

  • Adjustable repayment amount

  • Partial cash withdrawal with surcharge option

  • Total cash withdrawal with surcharge option
  • Special contribution administration
  • Other transactions management (such as sales of foodstuff, etc to members)
  • Automatic calculation of dividends using the specified formula
  • Generate overall investment report revealing amount, turnover, profit, etc

  • Highly parameterized options (Fully customizable operator for perfect adaptation)

  • SMS balance and approval notification

  • High security level via passwords & encryption modules

  • Backup & Restore Facilities

  • And many more

The software has also been fitted with hundreds of reports for evaluation, record keeping, accounting, reconciliation and rendering of report to Ministry of Agriculture & Co-operatives. They are as follows:

  • Members Listing

  • Members Reference Listing

  • Members Contact Listing

  • Members Information Listing

  • Full Information Printout

  • Custom Fields Listing

  • Married Members Listing

  • Unmarried Members Listing

  • Male Members Listing

  • Female Members Listing

  • Inactive Members Listing

  • Account Balances Report

  • Contribution Transaction Listing

  • Cash Deposit Transaction Listing

  • Loan Application Listing

  • Loan Approval /Authorization Listing

  • Partial Withdrawal Transaction Listing

  • Total Withdrawal Transaction Listing

  • Conditional By Member Type

  • Conditional By Branch

  • Conditional By Department

  • Conditional By Rank

  • Conditional By Post

  • Summary By Member Type

  • Summary By Branch

  • Summary By Department

  • Summary By Rank

  • Summary By Post

  • Exceptional Approval Listing

  • Rejected Application Listing

  • Members Opening Balances

  • Maximum Loan Definition Listing

  • Repayment Duration Interest Rate

  • Member Type Code Listing

  • Loan Type Code Listing

  • Repayment Duration Code Listing

  • Branch Code Listing

  • Department Code Listing

  • Rank Code Listing

  • Post /Designation Code Listing

  • Bankers Code Listing

  • Reason Code Listing

  • Configuration Printout

  • Operators Listing

  • Operators Authorities

  • System Error Listing

  • Users Activities Printout

  • Registration Form

  • Licensing Information

  • Support Information

  • Account Balances By Port Location

  • Account Balances By Port Department

  • Dividend Calculation Report Listing

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