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Software - MaxHOSPITAL - Overview
Software: MaxHOSPITAL (Hospital Management System)
Version: 3.5 - SHAREWARE
User's Manual: click here
Download: click here

Every hospital and medical center need MaxHOSPITAL. It is a complete medical package that puts the entire hospital management at your finger tips.

MaxHOSPITAL will enable you to store, retrieve and use all types of records that are being kept at the hospitals. Right from registration, to attendance, admission, death and even resignations of corporate client's beneficiaries.

Detail diagnostic and operational details are stored in an efficient manner that makes future diagnostics /treatments faster, better and more professional.

Relevant information such as important dates, treatment histories and complete medical records shows up immediately the patient's registration number is keyed in - no need of wasting valuable time on record searching.

Several reports are available and all-forms of enquires can be performed. You can generate reports by beneficiaries, employee class, department, etc for your corporate clients.

Records of ante-natal, family planning details, operation information, referrals records, x-ray information, laboratory data, injection administration, pharmacy record, etc are beautifully stored for quick-referential purposes and also for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MaxDOCTOR uses codification style for information classification. Numerous codes have been predefined and such definitions are extendable with no limitations.

Some of the codes are:

  • Delivery Mode

  • Delivery complication

  • Admission outcome

  • Operation outcome

  • Injection reaction

  • Injection type

  • Referrals result

  • Referrals reasons

  • Laboratory chemicals

  • Laboratory occupational hazard

  • Specialist /Experts

  • X-Ray facilities

  • X-Ray indications

  • X-Ray complication

  • X-Ray occupational hazard

  • Lab services

  • Illness /Diseases

  • Chronic Illness /Diseases

  • Family planning methods

  • Hospital departments

  • Doctors information

  • Beneficiary family code

Lastly, every diagnostic and treatment are stored in the Artificial Intelligence file for future use. With AI, less experience doctors or intern can functional as experts with years of experience. Thanks for the computer brain!

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