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Software - MaxHR - Overview
Software: MaxHR (Human Resources Mgt. System)
Version: 8.7 - SHAREWARE
User's Manual: click here
Download: click here

Our award–winning MaxHR® software was developed by using next-generation’s technologies to tracks everything from application through retirement. This complete solution works hand-in-hand with your units to handle data, analysis and reporting needs. It dynamically streamlines administrative tasks, help decision making, improves communication, saves time, reduces costs /paperwork, eliminate ghost worker and provides instant reports and analysis while taking into consideration numerous compliances to Government rules and regulations.

The need for accurate and real–time information in any organization can not be over-emphasized. This is usually made possible via the presentation of the essential tools. The bottom line is usually improved productivities and success stories.

The fact is that employees are the lifeblood of every organization. The better they are—the better qualified, trained, and managed—the more effective and efficient your organization will be. The software function consists of tracking innumerable data points on each employee, from personal data, operational histories, data, skills, capabilities to fascinating report production.

The software records basic demographic and address data, selection, training and development, capabilities and skills management, compensation planning records and other related activities. It works based on activity-oriented information through menu driven, user-friendly operations.

The MaxHR® software has been designed to meet the information need of all levels of Management and facilitates Decision Support, Planning, Monitoring, control of Daily Activities. Managers can have access to endless paperless reviews and employee data while other authorized users can access files that are pertinent to their job. This will brings greater organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities.

MaxHR® will take in all the raw data of your organization and moulds it into a strategic powerful management tool to give a perfect insight into what exactly is happening in the workforce. It will dynamically reduce the manual workload of numerous administrative activities thereby leveraging your performance by enabling your organization to benefit greatly by electronically automating your processes such as:

  • Applicant Information

  • Employee’s Information

  • Transfer Information

  • Promotion Information

  • Training Information

  • Asset Allocation Information

  • Discipline History

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Salary Variations

  • Work Experience

  • Service Records

  • Educational Information

  • Special Assignments

  • Award Information

  • Medical Claims

  • Vacation /Leave Information

  • Pension Information

  • Manpower Budgeting

MaxHR® brings valuable information to your fingertips, makes viewing employee data simple and easy with several levels of search capabilities to aid in finding employee information and working on employee records. It also keeps pace with the changing needs of your enterprise and workforce. It will enable you to turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into power.

MaxHR® Reports and Tools will enable you to think, analyze and provide top management with significant facts and figures that will aid in running your organization in an optimal and effective manner. Perhaps that’s why an organization such as Nigeria Customs Service and other reputable ones are using MaxHR® Human Resource software every day.

The human resource software features:

1. Applicants Information

Recruiting and retaining the right candidate with the right skills is challenging. MaxHR® can assist by collating applications, organize them and perform several processing such as tracking certification, qualification, experiences, etc.

2. Employee’s Information

Full information about every employee is captured in the most efficient manner via easy-to-use and user-friendly screens.

3. Transfer Information

Transfer information and histories are with absolute flexibilities and efficiencies. Letter issuance and several reporting facilities are also available.

4. Promotion Information

Details information about promotions is also captured. Once captured, detailed transaction, analytical and historical reports can be generated with ease.

5. Training Information

Scheduling, organizing and making selections for training could be confusing when done manually. MaxHR® will provide several media for information processing, reporting and historical references.

6. Asset Allocation Information

Asset such as quarters, vehicles, etc are often allocated to employee /offices; such details are kept for reporting, referencing and analytical purposes.

7. Discipline Information

Discipline information are captured, processed and generated via several reports that will gives the true picture of the organization's disciplinary policies.

8. Performance Evaluation 

Evaluation of performance is a periodic event that provides information about employee’s attitude to work. It is usually used for activities such as promotion, upgrade, etc.

9. Salary Variation Advices

Several events require variation in salary information. SVA is used in documenting and effecting those changes. It could be as a result of promotion, demotion, upgradement, disciplinary action, leave, etc.

10. Work Experience

Knowing the work experience detail of employees could be a pivoting fact into identifying whom to be assigned to some special task. It is like putting a round peg in a round hole when such information is available.

11. Service Record

This is the details of ministries where the specified officer have served before transferring his /her service to the current organization /ministry. The transfer could be as a secondement, special duties, etc.

12. Educational Information 

The ability to identify the educational track record of any employee will definitely present the expected capabilities and ‘know-how’ on some skills.

13. Special Assignments

Whenever special tasks crops up, the need to keep their details assignments, results, etc can not be over-emphasized. Such information will definitely be useful in handling futures events to a large extent.

14. Medical Claims

Soaring healthcare costs affect businesses everyday. The MaxHR® helps benefits administrators by giving them the ability to manage an entire benefits portfolio. Since the portfolio is managed from a central area, calculating premiums is more accurate as well as the timeliness for terminating former employees coverage.

15. Manpower Budgeting /Control

MaxHR® can helps with the provision of frameworks for staff planning, human resource development, and budgetary controls. It also assists in facilitating human capital budgeting, headcount management and labor cost control. It allows the development of detailed staffing plans and budgets, project headcount and labor cost management as well as tracking funding sources. It also facilitate the generation of critical staffing decision reports and filling of open positions and their affect on the budget.

16. Additional Information

MaxHR® keep track of many other information such as change of status, next of kin, death information, change of name /marital status, address, customs fields and activities of salary table maintenance, and information storage of award, sport, uniform, file /letter movements, etc information

Other Features

  • Organize facts to analyze “what if” scenarios

  • Creates more time for you to focus on strategy rather than endless paperwork

  • Tracks a myriad of workforce metrics

  • Interface with Payroll System for real-time online processing

  • Flexible data structures to reflect local needs

  • Local statutory rules and regulations

  • Excellent Security Administration

  • Integration with any Financial Management System

  • Easy-to-use and user’s friendly modes

  • Self-Error recovering mechanism

  • Excellent data protection capabilities

  • Automatic and Intuitive operations

  • Auto-Backup and Smart Data-Check /Correction Concept

  • Custom User Interface

  • Customizable Fields

  • Customizable Functionality

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Data Import/Export

  • Extendable Features

  • Highly Secured Users Control

  • In-Built Auto-Repair Facility

  • Full-Functional e-Message Centre

  • Multiple Servers Synchonization

  • Application Programmer’s Interface

Fully Customization

This software is fully customizable according to your needs. Our main aim is to provide you with a solution that will be cost effective with no compromise in quality and service.

Furthermore, since we understand that each organization has a unique set of business procedures, we can customize and implement each module to comply with an organization's specific needs. We also undertake custom-made software development where we develop, enhance and /or provide additional modules to meet the customer needs.

Definable Reporter

MaxHR® has a suite of reporting tools designed for the ultimate in flexibility and power. In addition to hundreds of standard reports, tools are available to tailor reports to meet your organization's unique way of gaining insight into your critical workforce data. This facility will gives you the ability to specify the information for the report and create executive style reports quickly. This powerful tool utilizes pre–existing super queries that allow users to easily create reports without little or no technical skills in self-made report creation. Once the report is created it can be saved and re-used as many times as possible.

e-Message Facility

Integrated e-message capabilities make communication with individual employees and employee groups quick and easy. With our human resource management system, you can send e-message directly to employees thereby creating greater efficiencies.

Responding to government information requirement

Responding to government requirements will be made easier with numerous reporting options. HR software will enable custom reports that can be saved for future use or modification.

Dynamic Update with Payroll System

Part of our human resource management system, MaxHR® provides interoperability with MaxPAY® or any other payroll outsource provider. Interoperability provides real-time updating between HR and Payroll to ensure that your HR and Payroll departments are working with the most current and up-to-date employee data.


The network features of MaxHR® are also robust. It can create user groups and can assign different levels of security to each group/user. Accordingly, the level of access to information is restricted to the end user, with the managerial authority having full access and front desk person having the least access.

Reporting and Analytics

The system offers over 320 standard reports and tools to design custom reports. Users are able to create meaningful metrics and analytics to help plan their workforce’s strategic direction.

The data is accessible from third party report writers such as Crystal Reports. Comparative analysis can be done through the reports which can be viewed in the form of Graphs, Bar Charts & Pie Charts. This helps in getting a figurative analysis of data and quickly arriving at a decision. Relevant reports can be taken from the software in various formats which can be sent over to screen, file, printer, and email /web browser.

The system’s reporting tools allow users to:

  • Specify data parameters to generate a standard report.

  • Create tailored reports with Ad Hoc Reports®.

  • Open, view and modify standard reports with integrated Crystal Reports®.

  • Use MaxHR® Query, a natural English search tool, to quickly look for

  • information.

  • Export reports easily to other programs such as Microsoft® Word and Excel®.

Report Generation 

MaxHR® has hundreds of in-built reports to cater for all your information needs. These reports have been carefully formatted and presented in a manner that will aid decision making to its best level. They are also grouped into Grand, Conditional, Summary and Analytical Reports. You may need to consult the Report Bundle Listing or try to generate some reports from the application itself for you to experience the highest level of information presentations.

Whenever you select any of the reports, a prompt will request you to specify whether to route the output to the screen or printer – Please note that you can also print via the preview window.

A special approach has been put into consideration in the specification of range of information to be included in the report generation. You have the option of either including all the groups (Station /Branch, Classification, Rank). Leaving the FROM field and blank and having ZZZ as TO will automatically select the entire information. However you can vary the range to be included in you report by selecting the appropriate code.

You can Right-Click on the TO field to use the same information as the TO field

At times, you might need to specify one or more information especially when using the conditional reports.

Additional Requirement

We understand the dynamic aspect of managing human resources. Whatever additional processing that is required in your organization will be implemented at no additional charges – this is a PROMISE.

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