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Software - MaxINVEST - Overview
Software: MaxINVEST (Investment Portfolio Management)
Version: 2.61 - FREEWARE (Absolutely FREE)
User's Manual: click here
Download: click here

MaxINVEST gives you complete control over your investment strategy by helping you understand how your portfolio is performing, and ensuring that your investment decisions are profitable and tax-effective. You can manage, view, and maintain your investment portfolio, perform better trade analysis beyond standard excel spreadsheet and experience innovations.

The computation of your profit & loss is a matter of seconds. Use the numerous in-built financial strategies in taking your trading to a scientific level. The software contains versatile tools that are necessary to optimize your trading and increase your revenue.

Are your trading accounts accurate? Can you bring up your profit & loss reports on your current and past trading within seconds? What are your investment strategies? What are the decisions behind your buying and selling? How about your dividends, bonuses, etc?

How about your returns on investment? Portfolio returns can be calculated either in absolute manner or in relative manner. Calculating Absolute returns is very straight forward, where return is calculated by considering total investment and total final value without bothering about duration and cash flows (Money In /Money Out).

To calculate more accurate return of your investments you have to use complicated statistical models like Internal Rate of Return or Modified Internal Rate of Return. The major problems with these models are that, they are very complicated and very difficult to compute manually.

Pen and paper plus scientific calculator will bore and confuse you – Let MaxINVEST execute its versatile statistical analysis and increase your profitability with absolute ease.


  • Planning of trades before placing your capital at risk.

  • Using advanced trade analysis for determining the most profitable aspects of your trading so that you will know where to place your money for maximum return on investment (ROI).

  • Performing inferential trading on your plans to improving your trading discipline and potential returns

  • Reviewing your trades and performing drill down for establishing your trading strength and weakness.

  • Managing your trades including stop losses, profit targets and end of financial year reporting.

  • Ability to track Stocks, Bonuses, Warrants, Dividends, trade financing costs, etc.
  • Performing unlimited profitability evaluations of various buy /sell scenarios
  • Contains powerful reports that detail your exact financial position allowing you to make informed trading decisions. No more on-the-fly un-thought out panic decisions.
  • Set risk limits and risk flags to stay on top of potential dangers as well as portfolio and strategy limitations and get notified automatically.
  • Clear listing of sold instruments (automatically calculated tax, profit/loss)
  • Clear listing of recently held instruments (automatically calculated profit/loss)
  • Day trading function (3 calculators, automatically calc. total situation of short trades)
  • Other expenses (e.g. account charges)
  • Other gains (e.g. account interest)

Key Features:

  • Quick and simple trade entry screens that make keeping your portfolio up-to-date fast and efficient.
  • Easy trade management (all trades shown in one clear view for comparative analysis)
  • Supports separate portfolios for multiple investors (password protected access)
  • Network client/server database support (multi-user)
  • User friendly, few keystrokes and extremely flexible
  • Simple yet powerful reporting to aid decision making
  • Easy back-up and restore function
  • Set up reminder messages, alert conditions and unlimited notifications
  • Export data as a comma separated text file to be used with other spreadsheet application eg. EXCEL.

In addition, you’ll be getting:

  • FREE data service! Current stock prices are downloaded automatically to enable you in evaluating your portfolios
  • Maintenance updates are installed automatically
  • Friendly support is only a phone call or email away

NB: While the software is ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge, our data service will enable you to automatically download current stock prices will be free for the just 30 days. However, it is optional. You can decide to be entering your current stock prices by yourself or simply pay a meager amount of =N=100 per month, =N=500 for six months and =N=800 for one year subscription.

For now, EVERYTHING is FREE, Enjoy it!

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