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Software - MaxPAY - Overview
Software: MaxPAY (Payroll System)
Version: 8.71 - SHAREWARE
Presentation: click here
Users Manual: click here
Download: click here

MaxPAY Payroll System is a state of the art payroll management and administration software, a brainchild of MAXTECH Solutions Concept Nigeria Limited’s team of software engineers, business analysts, and industry payroll experts. We have taken every effort to include the minutest details and requirements of modern day payroll needs from a small private company to a larger government department. It is a very flexible system that is guaranteed to meet and exceed the unique demands and payroll needs of most organisations, small, medium and large especially government owned agencies with unexpectedly changing policies and special processing requirements.

MaxPAY will give you a complete control over your payroll administration. With its numerous in-built capabilities, flexibilities and securities - you'll be rest assured of accurate payroll processing.

There are hundreds of highly-informative reports that will give you an instant snap-shot of your payroll information and ensuring that your valuable employees are not "under-paid", "over-paid" while at the same time preventing taxation authority’s problems.

Many payroll solutions are horrors to their owners; the massive amount of money that goes through the "back-doors" allowed by these "unsecured and unreliable" payroll systems are alarming.

Take a leap in your payroll administration, stop financial disaster, eliminate the existence of ghost worker, pay-diversion, uncontrolled record modification, multiple step-movements, under-payment, over-payment, inaccurate loan deductions, etc, and inject perfection into your payroll by implementing our award winning solution.

Today's payroll administration is beyond excel spreadsheet or "limited-facilities" of most accounting packages; embrace innovations, step-up to the next level, automate and hand-over your payroll worries to our software and use your valuable time on more rewarding; revenue-earning and management activities.

Getting into trouble with the tax-authorities is one of the most dreaded problems any employer /organisation can ever-imagine. Don't risk "huge-penalties" or "jail sentence" due to one inefficient or obsolete solution.

The fact that you have an existing system is not a reason for holding-on to it. A solution is only worth not changing if it is providing spotless satisfactions. We mean Real satisfaction and not endurance. Many organisations have changed their payroll over and over until a perfect one shows-up. Throw away your existing amateur payroll system with its associated head-aches and implement our own masterpiece solution or at least run it alongside and see what you’ve been missing. After all our DEMO versions are FREE-OF-CHARGES with no-string attached!

Is your payroll system putting you under-pressure whenever government or internal policies changes? Can you confidently provide all required reports with ease? Hope your employees are not facing challenges with NHF, Insurance, PenComm, NHIS, etc when processing their request /claims? Are loan deductions accurate and perfect? Can your software process 20,000 employees’ salary within few minutes?

Can your payroll system quickly bring-up specialised and customised reports with ease? Closed-ended applications are not fit for this generation. How easy do you find it to migrate between salary structures? Our highly parameterised payroll has been designed to meet your ever-changing policies; it gives you the opportunity to define-anything, process anything and adjust to any present and future business-rules in the most pleasant manner with embedded security measures.

Are your payroll calculations accurate? Can you bring up pay-history since inception for any specified employee? Where are your tax reports? What about other agencies single-item reports such as NHF, Insurance, PENCOMM, NHIS, etc? Can you bring out the full-list of your periodic variations and their respective analysis? How efficient are your update mechanisms or are you at the operator's mercy because of back-door manipulations? Who and who are electronically authorising your variations before processing? Is there any automatic notification /auto-auditing facility or Integrity Verifier as third-eye? Are retirements, postings, promotions, change of pay-points /account numbers, status, processed with ease? What about pay-slip generation? Can your employee use their GSM phone to check whether their salaries have been paid or not? Can your existing system electronically transmit vouchers and e-Report to your bankers and other agencies respectively? Is your payroll system e-Payment and e-Tax compliance?

Don't over-labour your accountants. Let our software take over your pay-processing and reporting burdens. Some of its numerous features are as follows:

  • Extreme flexibilities of all its functions /operations
  • Robust, scalable, ready-to-use, expandable and dynamic
  • Fantastic Record Storage with full biometric capabilities
  • Process pay on multiple basic: daily, weekly, fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually in the same company
  • Can pay Hourly, Salaried, Commissioned and all types of remunerations
  • One touch salary variation processing stoppage, re-instatement, promotion, transfer, change of name /address /tax information,  loan, etc
  • Provides numerous customizable fields for additional information to meet your further requirements such as spouse information, children, blood group, years of experience, previous employers, project executed and whatever you think
  • Unlimited number of employees. The limited edition (i.e. DEMO) will allow a maximum of 10 employees only
  • Keystroke reduction methods of setting up new records, most fields are defaulted to their correct information using intelligent data-entry assistance. You’ll probably need to type once or twice, check once or twice and it is finished
  • Automatically Post transactions to the General Ledger of most accounting package for dynamic posting of salaries transactions
  • Multi-Structures with efficient switching and transitions mechanism
  • Excellent Structures /Table Management with auto-create and template based-duplications
  • Handling of unlimited EARNING /DEDUCTION items for limitless expendabilities, flexibilities and efficiencies
  • Able to process special pay-item for specified class /cadre of employee or grade /step based and even for a particular period such as paying some items at every particular month of the year
  • Electronic downloading of checked hour from the clocking device connected to your systems
  • Generates massive management reports for decision support
  • Wage reports for any period along with Year to Date, Tax Liabilities, etc
  • Create your own custom reports that can be saved and reuse at the click of your mouse button
  • Extend its capabilities by plugging-in additional functions via the API’s window
  • Generate fantastic Historical Reports that will amaze you
  • Automatic and Manual step movement of employees
  • Provides numerous look-up tables for uniformity, flexibilities and functionalities
  • Unlimited definition of branches, departments, units, sections, cost-centres, etc for the purpose of providing unrivaled reporting flexibilities and efficient performance analysis
  • Interfacing with Remote database via SQL and ODBC data sources for proper hand-shaking with your existing applications
  • Shipped with predefined definitions gallery from which you can chose the one that is best suitable for your processing and make adjustment where necessary
  • Speedily process payroll information depending on your computer capability. For instance an average Pentium III or 686 systems will process 200 records in 5 seconds which is approximately 50 records per second, 3,000 per minutes
  • Payslip production for all or specified group of employee at any time
  • Accurate deduction of loan and production of relevant reports
  • Automatic RapidBACKUP, QuickBACKUP, QuickSAVE and special CSV file outputting for optimal data protection
  • Data Exportation facilities designed purposely to allow you in taking your processing to another level via other applications for unlimited processing and endless analyses and usage
  • Loaded with several pre-defined forms to make your operation fast, easy and efficient.
  • Ability to direct reports to multiple devices such as printer, screen, file, email, PDF on multiple platforms with multi-system interactions functions
  • Internet Compatible Facilities (e-Reports, e-Tax, etc for governmental agencies such PFA, NHIS, etc and Tax authorities)
  • e-Payslip compliance to send payslip to employee’s email addresses
  • SMS based processing for phone-based querying and requests.
  • Efficient P.E Form Processing with Rollback function
  • Ability to process and generate reports for supplementary list(s)
  • Accurate TAXYEAR Processing features
  • Pay-point (Grouping, Sort-Code, Flags) for e-Payment compatibilities
  • Available in N-Tier Client-Server and Web-Based mode
  • Multiple simultaneous users in the Network
  • One touch multi-currencies capabilities activation
  • Comes with numerous pre-defined Federal and State tax tables  that are editable for quick implementation
  • Numerous pre-defined Federal, State and Industrial salary structures from which you can choose and maintain by yourself or use auto-create function
  • Contains multiple State Withholding / Taxation information
  • Employer’s based delineable items such as 100% Employer’s contribution for contributory pension scheme, etc
MaxPAY is simple and easy-to-use with overwhelming power for payroll processing /administration. You’ll find your operations smarter, faster and more professional.

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