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Software - MaxSCHOOL - Overview
Software: MaxSCHOOL (School Management System)
Version: 5.2 - SHAREWARE
User's Manual: click here
Download: click here


MaxSCHOOL had been specifically designed to cater for all forms of educational business. It has the capabilities for effectively monitoring and administration of every function that is associated with educational information processing in all institutions of learning. It has been fully equipped with facilities for processing student information from nursery to primary, secondary, higher institution, professional body, company’s training centers and all form of organization that are involved in training related operations.

MaxSCHOOL is a full Student Information Management System that was developed by programmers who have been in training business for decades thereby presenting this indispensable solution in the most flexible and efficient manner that will surely impress you. It is not just another software but an education information management system indeed. With this software, all your stress that are associated with information /payment processing will be reduced to simple keystrokes.


There is virtually no aspect of student information administration that MaxSCHOOL can not handle to its best level. There are several modules that perform numerous functions that can be used for effective planning, management and to support crucial decision-making. Student information storage, retrieval, manipulation, processing and administration have been reduced to simple keystrokes. MaxSCHOOL is too loaded to be described with few sheets of papers. A full-book (i.e. User’s Manual) has been produced for that purpose. However, we shall be providing very brief information on some of the features. We also believe that the screen printing of some modules will also assist in presenting needed information. However, you can call our office anytime for support. It is basically a 24 hours, 7-days a week response arrangement.


MaxSCHOOL allows the creation, storage, retrieval and production of student information. There is not visible limit to the numbers of record that can be created. Students may be classified by type, faculty, department, programme /class, etc in addition to the capturing of vital information. A custom page is additional provided to enable you in specifying different type of information that might be special in nature. This module uses an internal FORM NUMBER generator that adopts a specific series in collaboration with optional PREFIX that is usually indicated via Configuration Setting. Other includes electronic photograph storage, Registration completion, monitoring, automatic billing and course registration activation, automatic online qualifier scheduler, etc.


The easiest way to administer your admission record is by using MaxSCHOOL. It comes with an internal Matriculation /Admission Number generator. There are numerous automatic functions that perform several levels of checks for you to ensure that you are doing the right thing. For instance, you can setup MaxSCHOOL to ensure that the class size is not exceeded or to monitor the qualification processing, requirement, etc.


MaxSCHOOL can handle unlimited numbers of programmes /courses /classes. Billing information can be defined for all t of these programmes /classes. These billing definitions can be conveniently reference with a simple click during admission or at any other stage. The in-built automatic billing activator guides you when new student information is created. We actually had you in mind when developing this software; our main goal is to simplify your job to its best level.


MaxSCHOOL is the only package that is presently providing the user with the ability to schedule online (i.e. computer based) examination for their students. If you run some programmes that request some level of proficiency in another programme /class /course. It can also be used to evaluate the present performance /level of a new student that might be brought into your organization. With MaxSCHOOL, it is easy; all you have to do is to schedule online examination for such person and watch MaxSCHOOL coordinating, invigilating, timing, marking, printing result immediately after completion. It can also be configured to automatically mark such students information as qualified.


The payment module will definitely daze your imagination. You will probably find it impossible to believe that what use to take you several hours does not even take MaxSCHOOL one (i.e. 1) minute to accomplish. You can optionally setup your MaxSCHOOL to interface with any of our accounting packages such as Micro Accountant and MAXTECH Cashbook. This will provide you the opportunity to dynamically update your trainings general ledger accounts thereby giving your organization the best money-management benefits. This payment module allows part-payment on all billing items thereby giving your utmost flexibilities. There are lots of settings under the configuration setting that can be used in activating /deactivating numerous functions that affect the accounting operations.


Every student at all level (i.e. programmes /course /classes) shall be offering one or two courses depending on their current level. In other to have a full reference examination result /continuous assessment: and for the effectively calculation of grades – Each semester /term must have course registration information for all the students. However, MaxSCHOOL contains numerous Intellisence
Features that automatically perform numerous functions for you. Courses are registered by default for every new student depending on the options specified on the configuration setting's page.


Marking of examination’s papers is a really hard work. It is even harder when the course /subject are theoretical in nature. MaxSCHOOL contains an online examination scheduler, administration and statement-of-result production. It systematically face-out all the stress involved in printing questions, invigilating, timing, marking, scoring, result production, etc.


MaxSCHOOL handles processing of test /examination result at the fastest possible rate. With an average of 100 records per seconds – Your result processing will be as easy as possible. It assigns grades, comments, etc depending on the options of the grade page from the configuration settings.


Record of graduants from inception can be retrieved with absolute ease. It can be printed for reference purpose and other relevant uses. The ability to include the photograph of the student in question makes it an indispensable tool for referential purposes. However, printing, filling, including notes /messages are also possible. MaxSCHOOL allows you to automate a lot of confirmation process with different modules. For instance the graduation module can be configured to automatically be performing checking operation on all graduating student to ensure that pass mark, outstanding payment, project completion and submission are appropriately handled.


With MaxSCHOOL running on your PC. All your stressed in managing student information will be reduced to simple keystrokes. The issue of storage’s problem will practically become a forgotten issue. Instead of having filling cabinets occupying useful and vital space in your office – all you need is a table to place your micro computer while MaxSCHOOL runs in it to perform all what you need to do and even what you might want to do in future – This is really a must for training organizations. Several album format have been provided for your convenience. All you need to do is to capture all the students photograph electronically and attach them to their registration record appropriately.


The embedded security feature is very efficient. It comes with the facility to define a master user /system administrator who is to oversee all other user. Unlimited numbers of users can be defined and more than one user can be working on the software in a network environment. However, such organization needs to purchase a multi-user version. There is also a facility called activity log. Everything done on MaxSCHOOL can be traced thereby eliminating fraud of any shapes and sizes. Usage Timing specification enables the restriction of the software during weekends or during some odd weekdays hours.


The intellisence
facility has been interwoven into all the modules to intelligently determine what you are intending to do and give you quality help. You’ll soon be discovering a world of intelligent programming when you start using this software.


Every aspect of MaxSCHOOL was designed for busy people like you. You do not need to type and type to get you information processed. Flexibilities to its maximum level have been systematically and intelligently embedded with most of the operations you’ll be performing with this software.


MaxSCHOOL comes with great processing and information management power. You’ll probably be our best marketer by the time you get acquainted with it.


MaxSCHOOL grows with your business. No matter the numbers of new students, instructors /lecturers /teachers or faculties, department or course. MaxSCHOOL will conveniently grow with you.


At MAXTECH BUSINESS SYSTEMS. Our customer services are second to none. Our mission is to provide unmatched computer solution with maximum technology. With just a simple telephone call – We’ll be there to ensure that your information processing or business is not delayed for many seconds. It is even obvious that you won’t be needing us to be correcting error because this software have been tested, used and confirmed to be the best that it can ever be. However, our customer satisfaction or full money-back claims remains. It is either we satisfy you or we refund your FULL money back to you.


MaxSCHOOL Version 5.2 comes with an intelligent TIME-TABLE GENERATOR. All you have to do is to specify the parameter for the courses and facilitators /instructors /teachers. The time-table planning that could have taking you days of heavy work will be printed in less than one minute – What a perfect assistance to head teacher /principals /proprietors /training manager /course coordinators, etc.

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