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Telephony /PABX

Take your business to the next level. Polish your organization's image by installing quality and cost-efficient PABX and Telephone boxes.

Why going up and down to pass across every single information to your workers?

Create a noiseless and serene working atmosphere by installing our PABX and telephone boxes.

Create class, create convenience, maximize your staff's through-put via efficient communication devices.

With as low as =N=15,000; we can link your offices with your own mini private telephone exchange for seamless communications within your offices. What a convenience?

We offer one full-year guarantee on our PABX provided it is installed on a UPS and stabilizer or at best our inverter!

The least of our PABX is model 208 and it has the following features:

Our PABX are designed to provide a family and small office with low cost professional telecom services. The maximum capacity is 1 to 6 CO lines and 8 to 32 Extensions.


The Auto-Attendant Service (DISA: Direct Inward System Access) with OGM (Outgoing Message Service) allows the system to make the maximum use of the CO line

System Features

         There are number of supplementary feature to indicate quality system
OGM Recording with DISA (Auto-attendant)
Call transfer and Call pickup
Music on holding
 Ringing assignment
Flexible coding
 Seven level call restriction
 Call duration control
 Automatic distinguishes CO Lines
 Power Failure Transfer
Three way conference
 Intercom communication
 Multiple communication paths
 Caller ID
 Call forwarding
 Doorbell and door lock
 Monitor recorder 


  • 1.       Capacity: CO Lines : 1 to 6, Extensions: 8 to 32

  • 2.       Exterior sockets : conjunction for extensions

  • 3.       Communication lines: 7

  • 4.       Transmission  attributes: Extension to extension< 1.5dB, Extension to trunk line <2.0dB

  • 5.       Ringing current: 65v/50Hz;

  • 6.       Feeing Current: 48v-60v /25mA:

  • 7.       Relative unbalance against ground: 300Hz 600Hz <40dB, 600Hz 3400 <46dB

  • 8.       Dialling mode: DTMF

  • 9.       Signal tone
    CO Line: tone from local telephone company;
    Internal dialling tone 450Hz, continuous wave;
    External echo signal:  450Hz, 1 seconds on and 4 seconds off;
    Extension busy signal 450Hz, 0.3 seconds on, 0.3 seconds off;
    Extension confirmation signal: 450Hz, 1 second on;
    Extension error signal: 450 Hz, 0.3 second on, 0.3 second off;

  • 10.   Power supply: AC220V/ 110V+ 10% Power consumption: <15VA

  • 11.   Operational environment: Temperature: 32F- 104F(0 C 40 C); Relative humidity <90%